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Modern Warfare 3

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[Guide] How to report a player?

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Whenever you're going to report a player, it's important that you provide sufficient evidence in case the PM Anti-Cheat hasn't detected anything.

It's recommended to report without warning, don't write / say "Pepe64 wh noob I'll report you :v" because the player may try to take measures (deactivate his cheat, change his name so that they don't find him, etc).


Try to provide this kind of information:

  • Title of the thread: Something simple, for example "FalleN - Wallhack".
  • Player's name: If you find him in the forum, you can add his profile.
  • Video / Screenshot: Preferably video, screenshots can only be used for very specific cases.
  • Demo: If you can't record the game and you have a demo of it, it can be useful.

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