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  1. SoyRA

    If the command is protected, I very much doubt it.
  2. SoyRA

    PlusT6 doesn't have dvardump or something like that, you'd have to search Google. - ZM https://pastebin.com/raw/RCEV47Av - MP https://pastebin.com/raw/Wr2MGLFq
  3. SoyRA

    Because of an error in the CFG, all servers run on Easy difficulty (instead of Original). // Difficulty // Feeling tired and rundown? Try reducing the difficulty. // "0" - Easy // "1" - Original // All have this option! gts zmDifficulty "1" But if that's not the error, do you have the game in good state? Have you tried making your own server (or private game)?
  4. SoyRA

    Lamentablemente no puedo ayudarte, yo solo doy soporte para T6 e IW6. T5 siempre fue de tener poca gente, me parece que hay una gran probabilidad de que NO hayan servidores...de todos modos, prueba en estar conectado a la PMN con el SoftEther VPN Client.
  5. SoyRA

    Tenes que abrir la consola y escribir /go X (donde X es el número del servidor, lo que te aparece a la izquierda de todo).
  6. SoyRA

    Cuando te sucede eso, debes contactar con @Maxis . Y lo siento por tardar en responder, estoy de VACaciones. :P
  7. SoyRA

    I haven't translated my guide yet, but if you know Spanish or use a translator...you can read this: - How can I play on LAN?
  8. SoyRA

    Hola, es un fallo conocido. Debes esperar a que se lance una actualización al respecto (hoy fue anunciada de que saldrá pronto).
  9. SoyRA

    # Which versions of the game can I use to play PlusIW6? - The latest version of the game on Steam - A pirate copy with its files complete and updated, but you will be able to verify and download your files using PlusMaster's Launcher. - Download the game from PlusMaster - Download the game with the PlusMaster Launcher You must have your files updated to the latest version of Steam (3.15.2). # What languages does PlusIW6 support? - All languages are supported (it's supposed). Verify your game files with PlusMaster, it's for English game only. You must have your files updated to the latest version of Steam (3.15.2). # Do I need the DLCs? - It's not obligatory, unless you want to use something belonging to a DLC. * Remember, if you have the game in Spanish, you must get the DLCs in Spanish (and updated). - You can download them with the PlusMaster Launcher or from PlusMaster. # How can I verify my files? - If you have the game in English, you can use PlusMaster's Launcher. * For all other languages, you should use Steam (Verify Integrity of Game Files - Clear download cache). # Is there Matchmaking, Dedicated Servers or something? - For now, there isn't Matchmaking or Dedicated Servers. All you can do is search the IW6 Lobbies from the PlusMaster Launcher. # Should I open the Ports? - If you have a problem joining games (or having others join you): - Opens Ports 1116-1150 and 28910 at TCP. - Opens Ports 27900-27901, 1116-1150, 5165 and 3074 at UDP. * Search in Google how to do it, it can be simple as it can be something complicated...it depends on the Router you have (and in some cases, on your ISP...you can always call them to ask them to do it). # How can I add friends? - You must open the PlusMaster Launcher, log in and then go to the Friends tab. - You must click Add New and type the username of the player you want to add. - Click on the Paper Airplane and you're friends. * It's likely that both of you will have to restart the game to be friends. * Disabling the Enable Auto Accept? option causes you to manually accept the friend request on the Pending Requests tab, and the Accept Friend Requests? option prevents someone from adding you as a friend.
  10. SoyRA

    # I open PlusIW6.exe and get an error saying "This Version is expired!" If it's not a PlusMaster problem, you can try this: - Open %WINDIR%\System32\cleanmgr.exe and clear all in C : (by clicking on "Clear System Files"). - Clear DNS Cache in Windows (cmd.exe - ipconfig /flushdns). * Restart the PC after doing all the steps. # I open PlusIW6.exe and get an error saying "Please make sure PlusMaster Client is updated and running." - You must open your PlusMaster.exe, log in and open the game by right clicking on PlusIW6 and click on Play. * Or, once opened from PlusMaster.exe and all, you can open directly the PlusIW6.exe # I open PlusIW6.exe and it stays on the Splash Screen (I don't see the console, the game doesn't open) - The PlusIW6 server may be experiencing problems, and you should try again later. - You can try again instantly, there are times when this happens and when you try again after 5 seconds, it works. - Clear the DNS cache in Windows (cmd.exe - ipconfig /flushdns) and then restarts the PC. # I minimize the game and it closes without giving any error! - Do you have ReShade, SweetFX, etc? because, for now, it's the only thing that could cause that kind of problem. # I want to join a lobby, but it says "Unable to join game session." - For now, although NAT is Open, both are in the PMN, etc. They must be added as friends * It's possible that both must restart the game. # I have another problem! Some problems are a game thing, not PlusMaster's...so... - "Your CPU does not reach minimum requirements" error at launch - Crashing, freezing and general instability - Graphics forced to lowest even in highest settings - Stuttering - Random mouse acceleration/spasms - 0xc000007b Application Error - Error during intialization: configure_mp.csv: EXE_ERR_COULDNT_CONFIGURE "Intel(R) Graphics HD4000" - "Fatal Error: Your system memory (RAM) does not meet the minimum specification" error at launch
  11. SoyRA

    I recommend you to check the game files: - Go to the Downloads tab, select PlusIW6 - Game in the drop-down box and click Verify Game to check the status of your game files; once finished, and assuming you got an error, click Download. * You can repeat the steps, but by selecting PlusIW6 - DLC to verify and download the DLCs. - Again in the Downloads tab, select PlusIW6 - Client in the drop-down box and click Verify Client to check the status of your PlusIW6 files; once finished, and assuming you got an error, click Download.
  12. SoyRA

    # PlusMaster Launcher - El Lanzador de PlusMaster es obligatorio para iniciar cualquiera de los Proyectos. * Debido a que es obligatorio y necesitas Internet, no podrás jugar Sin Internet (Offline). # Requisitos - Lee antes de hacer, así no cometerás errores. - Conexión a Internet (requerido incluso para una LAN física). - Permitir PlusMaster.exe en el Firewall de Windows (y en cualquier otro Firewall que tengas en uso). # Proceso de Instalación 1. Descargar el PlusMasterInstaller.exe y ejecutarlo para iniciar la instalación. * No requiere más explicación. Si vas a cambiar la ruta de instalación, asegurate que no sea Descargas, Escritorio, carpetas especiales, etc. * Un buen lugar, por ejemplo, es C:\Juegos\PlusMaster 2. Una vez finalizada la instalación, tendrás dos accesos directos: PlusMaster.exe y PlusMasterUpdaterV2.exe. 3. Te recomiendo iniciar primero el PlusMasterUpdaterV2.exe para que actualice lo que sea necesario, una vez que termine se iniciará el PlusMaster.exe de forma automatica. 4. Una vez iniciado, estarás en la pantalla de inicio de sesión. Tendrás que poner tu Usuario y Contraseña del Foro de PlusMaster y darle a Login. * No olvides que tendrás que activar tu cuenta con el correo que te han enviado. 5. Listo, aparecerás en la pestaña LIBRARY del Launcher. # Navegar por el Launcher - Mira este vídeo para ver entender mejor el funcionamiento del PlusMaster Launcher.
  13. Whenever you're going to report a player, it's important that you provide sufficient evidence in case the PM Anti-Cheat hasn't detected anything. It's recommended to report without warning, don't write / say "Pepe64 wh noob I'll report you :v" because the player may try to take measures (deactivate his cheat, change his name so that they don't find him, etc). Try to provide this kind of information: Title of the thread: Something simple, for example "FalleN - Wallhack". Player's name: If you find him in the forum, you can add his profile. Video / Screenshot: Preferably video, screenshots can only be used for very specific cases. Demo: If you can't record the game and you have a demo of it, it can be useful.
  14. SoyRA

    # Call of Duty: Ghosts - Puedes conseguir el juego por Steam ó que un amigo que lo tenga, te lo comparta con el Préstamo familiar de Steam. - Puedes conseguir el juego usando una copia pirata, lee esto: ¿Qué versiones del juego puedo usar para jugar por PlusIW6? # DLC - Si ya tienes el Juego Base, pero no sus DLC, lee esto: ¿Necesito los DLCs? # PlusIW6 - Información General, Imagenes y Más! - Como instalar PlusIW6 (Windows) - Preguntas Frecuentes - Solución de problemas