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  1. your account has been reseted you can't play with two accounts on one pc
  2. عزیز مطمین هستید که درست وارد می کنید؟
  3. if you have softether delete it and try again or you can wait for new update
  4. hi you can't play in offline mode you can only play in online mode
  5. download and install this softwares NetFramework DirectX Cpp
  6. سلام بازی BO1 فعلا مشکل داره و تا آپدیت جدید باید صبر کنید فعلا سروری برای بازی نیست
  7. your account has been reseted
  8. Failure

    Ban user

    سلام عزیز به خاطر مشکلات امنیتی وبن شده بودین که همون موقع آنبن شدید
  9. you can play on custom games just start lobby and others can join by connect command connect ip:port default game port is 4976 don't forget to turn off your firewall
  10. use this command connect ip:port;password
  11. download new update and join new servers
  12. Failure


    firs open launcher and go to downloads tab and select PT6M - Game and veify and download broken files than select PT6M - Client and download last update than go to game s folder and delete players folder don't forget to install redist files Directx Cpp NetFramework
  13. سلام می تونین اسم فایلی که دانلود می کنه رو بهم بگین؟