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  5. Isilduuur

    Singleplayer is not supported.
  6. gallir70

    Hi, I installed MW3 in the louncher if I click play it open the multiplayer menu. If I try to click main menu it show me the follwing thing. https://prnt.sc/sihxty (I want to play the campaign)
  7. Dark7oveRR

    Hi, You should to install all parts after that extract in same folder !
  8. gallir70

    It's my first time I use this site but I didn't understand if I have to download all the files or only one? https://prnt.sc/sh5byy
  9. Eddie3169

    i had this problem too no eror nothing just closes down and nothıng happens afterwards
  10. imhotturnot318

    Ok guys, I located the Plusmaster app where I had installed it and right clicked on it, went to properties, then to compatibility and checked the Run this program as an administrator. Then, as soon as I double clicked on the Plusmaster app it finally worked. It logs me in normaly and opens the window where the CoD games are shown. I hope this simple stetting helps you guys.
  11. imhotturnot318

    I'm having the same issue, when I start the PlusMaster app, it gets stuck at the login window. I downloaded and set everything 3 days ago and everything was working perfectly. I also set my login to remember me back then, and it would log me in with no problems everytime I started the app, that is until today 05/12/2020. I have tried repairing it using the downloaded PlusMaster Installer, nothing changed unfortunately. Also deleted all Plusmaster files including the ones in the AppData folder, and then reinstalled PlusMaster again. Sadly, none of my attempts worked. ;( If anyone else has experienced this issue or a similar one and has found a solution or thought about a possible one, I humbly ask to please share it. Thank you in advance.
  12. MasTas127

    No Errors , the program just closes? could it maybe be the anti virus? im running ESSET on this laptop , and avast on my sons pc..
  13. Isilduuur

    What is the error?
  14. Hello i need help i can't install the plusmaster launcher everytime i try to install it it says : The pmclient setup wizard ended prematurely because of an error. and it says that everytime
  15. Isilduuur

    Does it give you error or something?
  16. Isilduuur

    Zombies got no servers only multiplayer got. To play zombies online use public match If you wish to host mp server you have to send your steamapi and libpm to server folder, if you are on vps you need launcher and verify client only on server folder
  17. dJJl.lJl.dJl.lJ

    هذا شرح التحميل ولا الاونلاين لان اللعبة عندي؟
  18. Isilduuur

    شوف التوبيك اللي عنوانها How to install Black Ops 2
  19. dJJl.lJl.dJl.lJ

    ابك الفيديو مايشتغل
  20. Scream322

    When you turn on Start-Zombies-Dedicated-Server, it says that I have version 29 now, but I need 31 Updated, but still does not work
  21. MasTas127

    Tried that now , still doesn't work
  22. Isilduuur

    Can you manually update your launcher? Delete everything in launcher folder expect the updater then start it.
  23. MasTas127

    After I press sign in , the program closes
  24. Hi Team , Please assist me with getting my plusmaster to work. Ive had it on this laptop and has been working, but ever since the update it doesnt load after i put in the username and password. My son has it on hes pc (windows 7) and is working fine.
  25. Caesar101

    I click on the server list and no servers are showing is that a bug or there just aren't any servers?
  26. BurgerBitch69

    Thank you for your help
  27. Isilduuur

    Those lobbies for ghosts BO2 launch game in menu click server list press r
  28. BurgerBitch69

    Bo2 multiplayer is not working. I start the game and go to plusmaster launcher in the lobbies tab and no servers show up. When i click refresh it says "maybe no server or lobby. Try again later.
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